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Tuesday, February 27th, 2018 - Sink
Photo 1 of 4I Got Some 500 Ohm, 50W, 1%, 20ppm/C Power Resistors, And A Solid Copper  Heatsink Out Of Our Scrap Room. (attractive Heat Sink Resistor #1)

I Got Some 500 Ohm, 50W, 1%, 20ppm/C Power Resistors, And A Solid Copper Heatsink Out Of Our Scrap Room. (attractive Heat Sink Resistor #1)

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I Got Some 500 Ohm, 50W, 1%, 20ppm/C Power Resistors, And A Solid Copper  Heatsink Out Of Our Scrap Room. (attractive Heat Sink Resistor #1)ROYAL OHM PDM 25W 5% 330E. Resistor: Wire Resistor With Heatsink . ( Heat Sink Resistor Nice Design #3)Bourns Potenetiometer UAE ( Heat Sink Resistor  #4)View Larger (delightful Heat Sink Resistor Design Inspirations #5)

The image about Heat Sink Resistor have 4 pictures including I Got Some 500 Ohm, 50W, 1%, 20ppm/C Power Resistors, And A Solid Copper Heatsink Out Of Our Scrap Room., ROYAL OHM PDM 25W 5% 330E. Resistor: Wire Resistor With Heatsink ., Bourns Potenetiometer UAE, View Larger. Below are the pictures:

ROYAL OHM PDM 25W 5% 330E. Resistor: Wire Resistor With Heatsink .

ROYAL OHM PDM 25W 5% 330E. Resistor: Wire Resistor With Heatsink .

Bourns Potenetiometer UAE

Bourns Potenetiometer UAE

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